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Thank you for dropping by.
Welcome to my life through the pages!

I started this blog as fruition to a longtime dream of mine that was always being put on hold. The only thing I wanted to do was have a book blog wherein I can share the different travels I get to have when reading books. All I wanted to do was to preserve all the emotions I felt and all the characters I loved during the ride I get to experience in reading.

Reading has been a journey that I have started years back in first grade. But now, I would like to step away from being a passive reader and share my amazing and exciting journey with everyone.

Then I realized that I wanted to share more. I named my blog Heart Via Pages originally meant to say that my heart can best be captured via the pages of a good read. Little did I know that it can actually mean a number of things now.

Now, the pages of my blog will attempt to reveal what my heart says; love for books, love for family, love for living and love for life. It may have all the randomness; anything and everything in between.

You need access to my heart? It’s all here.

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