Flat-Out Matt by Jessica Park


flat out matt

One can actually proceed to Flat Out Celeste without reading this one but being my curious aka nosy self, I just have to dive into Matt’s head. This novella should be read RIGHT AFTER reading Flat Out Love, when you’re still reeling from that ending and when you’re still feeling all those butterflies. Although I wished there were new scenes, I still enjoyed reading this and it’s nice to get inside Matt’s head for a change. Like the first book, Flat Out Matt is also witty and humorous. It’s a welcome invitation to know Matt more but be warned that it is not a continuous narration like how a regular story would be. It’s parts and chapters of significant scenes and events in Flat Out Love that’s why I mentioned that it’s best to read this after FOL when everything is still clear and fresh.

Stars - 3

Review Headings -  Blurb

You saw geeky, damaged, loveable Matt Watkins through Julie’s eyes in FLAT-OUT LOVE. Now go deeper into Matt’s world in this FLAT-OUT MATT novella. Live his side of the story, break when his heart breaks, and fall for the unlikely hero all over again.



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