Resurrection and Life Update


2016 has been a fairly good reading and blogging year for me and I already consider it an achievement that I haven’t missed a single month of blogging. Yay!

However, 2017 is an entirely different story.

My reading pace is dreadful at best and I just can’t seem to get myself to write a single review.

Is there such a thing as a blogging slump? Because if there is, I sure fell into a huge, HUGE ball of blogging laziness.

Anyway, I guess things kind of just piled on me hence the slump.

For starters my boyfriend for 10 years and I got married last January. We were both hands on with all the preparation and after the wedding, it was one form of relaxation after another. It was such a good feeling to not be thinking and worrying about the preparations anymore and in my post wedding daze, I kind of sacrificed blogging too.


Also, I had a new work client by March and that month was mostly for me to learn new work processes and tasks.

You see, adulting got in the way for the first quarter and now I am soooo back to pick up the pieces of where my blog left off.

It’s high time for me to dust this blog off and bring it back to life.

Stick with me.

Stay with me.

This small space of mine is here to stay (but still prone to hibernation every now and then).

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