Maybe Maby by Willow Aster

“Being with you makes me forget who I really am.”

maybe maby.jpg

People tend to use the term OCD lightly. But in truth, there is nothing light about this disorder. Willow Aster once again took me to a whole new adventure, a whole new understanding and this time, it’s by following the story of Maby and her battle against life and OCD.

Confession Time: I was actually saving Maybe Maby as my last unread Willow Aster book for the reason that I just want to still have something from Willow to look forward to. I’ve been saving this for a long time until I just can’t resist anymore.

This is the story of Maby and her fight to literally keep her sanity and life in general. She’s been having a rough time dealing with the death of her mother, breakup with her boyfriend, abandonment of a friend and stress with work. It was becoming too much for her, her walls felt like they were closing in and it was suffocating her. This is a story of coping, of heartbreak, uncertainties and just trying to survive life. I mean, seriously, how much can a girl handle?

I love how this book surprised me, and it was a pleasant surprise. Given, I know it’s going to be good because it’s Willow, but the way I latched on to every word, to every emotion just showed how invested I was in the characters.

Maby is a very likable character albeit frustrating in many different ways, in many different occasions. She has a lot of meltdowns, push and pulls but you have to see things through her mind. She’s unlike other heroines I have read about. She is flawed and quirky and kind and unsure about so many things. Minus the OCD, she’s like every other twenty-something girl, trying to fit into adulthood.  There were times when I got seriously exasperated with her decisions but if you take into consideration all the things she’s been through, you will, in some way, understand her reservations.

Here, we meet three men: Dalton, her ex-boyfriend (who was a real asshole by the way), Saul, her longtime friend and Coen, the barista-slash-I wanna take him home please please please give him to me now!!!

It was painful to read how Maby tried to go through life on her own. She was basically an island with no friends, no social circle and no support system. But as the story progressed, my heart became happy when Maby, slowly but surely, opened up and gained more people in her life. It wasn’t an easy choice, she had reservations and doubts but she braved on. Attagirl!!

This story is endearing and a real eye-opener. Personally, I do not know anyone suffering from OCD and it makes me feel more empathy to their situation in general. Like Willow’s other books, I instantly felt a connection with the characters – gotta love Coen’s family by the way – despite feeling a bit irritated with some of them.

I adore how Willow was able to tackle such subject matter with respect and care. I have always admired how flawless and polished her writing is and this work is no exception.

If you want something that’s realistic, heartfelt, humorous, kinda low on steam but high on love with a bit of an unstable female but a swoon worthy male – then this is the story for you.

Stars - 4


Review Headings -  Blurb

I’m having a meltdown. Not the put-her-in-the-loony-bin kind, but the rock-in-the-corner-so-I-can-breathe kind. Maybe they’re one and the same and I really do need to be put away, but I think I just need a little air. I’m bone tired. My eyes look like I haven’t slept in weeks. I’m eating my feelings and developing a pudge that isn’t gonna go anywhere if I keep binging on chocolate, nachos and wine.

I’m 28 and everyone has left me. I have no friends. My boyfriend left. My mom died, so technically she left me too. I hate my job.

I get this overwhelming ‘oh my God, is this what my life is gonna be?’ feeling and I want to die.

Curl up and die.

And since I don’t feel my heartbeat fading or my breathing getting even slightly faint, I panic that I’m gonna have to live.


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