Sugar Rush by Sawyer Bennett

“He was a new life.
A fresh start.
A possibility I thought I’d never have.
But right now, he’s the man who just broke me.”

Sugar Rush.jpg

WOW this is just… WOW!!! I have no words because I am drafting this review merely 5 minutes after I finished the book (October 8, 2:26 AM MNL time) and my emotions are still all over the place.

Everything I felt missing on the first book, everything I felt was overly done were all balanced out in this second book. Looking back, perhaps the first book was plotted that way to prepare for this second one. I don’t know, I’m just assuming but it feels like Sugar Daddy was an appetizer to an even bigger and better meal AKA Sugar Rush.

The book picked up where Sugar Daddy left off and given the painful ending of Sugar Daddy, us readers could only hope for a more positive start to Sugar Rush. And we got that. I, for one, felt particularly satisfied by how this second book started.

Sela and Beck are more dynamic than ever. Relationship wise, they are now focused on being entirely honest with each other – no secrets to keep, no holds barred. I love the noticeable growth in their relationship from just being physically attuned to each other to being emotionally attached as well. I loved and enjoyed Sela more in this second book. I felt like she was really becoming better and without the burden of keeping anything from Beck, she became more focused and consistent.

Beck, on the other hand, is amazing as usual. His loyalty and devotion to Sela is just swoon worthy. This time, with everything laid on the table, we’ve seen just how much he appreciated Sela and not just in the bed but as a person, a friend, a partner. Danggg lucky woman!!

The plot became tricky when family ties, friendships and pasts best forgotten played roles in the turn of events. I love how this book, though still contains sex scenes that are beyond steamy, focused more on the plot and big reveals. This has revelations upon revelations and it’s just so addicting to read.

My heart rate started speeding up at roughly 78% and it was intensity filled from there. I was literally holding my breath and I didn’t even realize I was doing it.

I mentioned that I liked Sela better in this book than the first right?? At about 88%, I was willing to take everything back. I wanted to just pull her hair, keep her from doing what I feel was an idiotic move and just lock her up in their room. Seriously, why do main characters tend to do something stupid all the time?

However, this “stupid move” of Sela’s is what brought everything out in the open. It was twisted and shocking and I freaking loved every minute of it!! I was at the height of my emotions when the second book ended at a cliff hanger. Bummer? I know. I felt so cheated. I wanted more!! I feel like I was just getting to the yummiest part of a burger when it was suddenly snatched from me. Yes, the author warned that there will be a cliffhanger but I JUST WASN’T PREPARED FOR THAT.



Stars - 5


Review Headings -  Blurb

In the steamy and suspenseful sequel to Sugar Daddy, a heartbreaking rift threatens to unravel a dangerous alliance… and a fragile new love.

After posing as an escort for the Sugar Bowl online dating service, Sela Halstead is looking for one thing: payback. She’s closing in on the site’s heartless founder, Jonathon Townsend, and she needs Beckett North, Townsend’s business partner and her lover, by her side. She’d thought that their intimate nights together had forged an unbreakable bond, but after a shocking betrayal, Sela begins to doubt the brilliant bad boy. When push comes to shove, can she trust Beck to do the right thing?

Now that he understands the truth, Beck will stop at nothing to secure the reckoning Sela deserves. But between his desire for her and his disgust for JT, Beck doesn’t exactly have a lot of control over his emotional state. Left with no other choice, he must summon all his discipline to maintain JT’s trust and pretend that they’re still friends. But how far will Beck go to prove his loyalty to Sela? He nearly lost her once. To keep her, Beck might have to kill for her.

Note: Sugar Rush ends on a cliffhanger. Sela and Beck’s story concludes in Sugar Free!


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