Under the Influence by L.B. Simmons

“Because the truth is, there’s nothing more frightening in my world than those who know you—who really know you.”Under the Influence

My journey to explore as many new-to-me authors as I can continues.

And this time, I dove into my first ever L.B. Simmons read. This book has so much life in it, so much pain and hurt but I just cannot put it down. I drowned in it and I was heavily under its influence.

First things first.

I truly appreciate how there’s no need for the characters to get all up in each other in the first few chapters of the book. THAT.WAS.REFRESHING!! To be honest, I do enjoy a good sexual scene but a lot of books lately use the sex to drive the story which should not be the case. The plot should drive the story and whatever sexual scenes are added should just be additional flavor to enjoy.

God, I sound really prudish saying that.

Review Headings - Thoughts and Feels

Now, this book. This story is beautiful and painful at the same time. Initially, my heart hurt then I felt the words taking my breath away until I wanted vengeance too. I felt every emotion the characters went through as I was invested right from the start. It didn’t take long for me to feel myself immersing in the story. There’s a certain realness to it and I instantly felt the connection, the friendship and the love. The first part was the buildup and history, the second part gutted me and the last was impeccably done, a beautiful ending to an otherwise imperfect story.

“But in this rare moment, I will also concede that like a moth to a flame, I’m drawn to her. To her innocence. To her kindness. To her ability to love. To all the things I wish I was capable of but have sacrificed in order to survive.”

Simmons was able to touch such a delicate topic with sensitivity and grace that I found myself truly impressed by her writing. I have talked about it, tweeted about it. Being amazed with an author’s talent to weave words never gets old. And LB Simmons, you impressed me. Her way with words is perfection and I was transported from one scene to another easily. From the prologue, you had me. Easily. Completely. I did not have to force myself into your writing or into the story, it was so easy for me to get lost into it.

“You are far from broken. Even though you still have your struggles, you find the strength to try to help others, to guide them through their own issues as you lead the way. Your positivity radiates to everyone around you, and those who are lucky enough to be in your presence will forever be changed by your ability to heal with something as simple as a touch or a smile.”

Meanwhile, the characters in this story are evolving and growing and lovable. In most books, I usually tend to love one character more than the other but in this case, I loved Spencer as much as I loved Dalton. And Cassie too. And Rat. And Lawson. Review Headings - CharactersAnd Mrs. Locke. Spencer’s character simply inspires. She is a ray of sunshine who is strong and resilient, never whiny and ungrateful. Dalton on the other hand has been toughened by time and experiences but still has his own vulnerabilities. Though there’s pain and hurt in the premise, there’s also so much love to go around. This is the story of second chances, of renewed faith and of having the right people in our lives.

“A second chance is a gift that many, many people long to receive, yet sadly, few are given. Be appreciative, return kindness, forgive openly and love completely.”

Review Headings -  To Recommend

If you are enticed with stories of troubled pasts and redemption, of hope and second chances – this one is for you. If you like well-defined characters and equally lovable hero and heroine, all the more reason to dive into this.

Just one thing, be ready to be consumed as I was consumed.

5 star rating


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I loved you once. A love I thought irrevocable. A love I mistakenly believed could transcend both time and circumstance. Under the influence of my dimwitted, naïve, traitorous heart, I became intoxicated with what I now know was simply a figment of my self-indulgent imagination. So drunk on the feeling, I couldn’t see what was right in front of my face. So foolishly enamored, I blindly followed my heart into the depths of an emotion that would ravage me.

Years later, I know now what I wish I knew then. I am stronger. Smarter. Tougher. I will not allow myself to be broken again.

I loved you.

I raged for you.

I wept for you.

And now, I’m letting you go.


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