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Before I proceed with this post, let me first say that it never really ceases to amaze me how there are a LOT of people sharing this book and blogging journey with me. I have never met any of you but to read your thoughts on what you have read, to share your book experiences and perspective is as thrilling as thrilling can be for a booknerd like me.

Let me first thank POPPY of POPPY’S BEST OF BOOKS for the Book Fangirling Award. Please do check out her awesome page and honest reviews. Plus the vibe of her blog is just welcoming and refreshing 🙂

Book Fangirling Award


  1. Thank the blogger that nominated you.
  2. Answer the questions they set for you.
  3. Set some new questions.
  4. Nominate five new bloggers.


Have you ever been disappointed with a series or book that has had a lot of hype? WNN3hat was it and why were you disappointed?

Yes! Actually it pains me up to this day to say that Never, Never 3 didn’t really amaze me like how I expected it too. I really am a huge TF and CoHO fan and this is the only book under their names that received a 3star rating for me. Given, you can feel the Colleen and Tarryn flavor on the story but the ending got me like meh. There was so much IThoughtless still needed to know. It wasn’t bad, it was actually a good and entertaining read but still something that I think was overhyped and rushed.

Another one is Thoughtless (and yes I can feel you drawing out your knives!) and I know that I truly am the minority when it comes to this story. I finished it because I was waiting for a part in the story that I might love or at least find myself engaged in. I guess it just wasn’t for me. I didn’t particularly enjoy the female lead as she was too whiney and clingy for my taste. I liked Kellan Kyle enough but even his charm wasn’t able to sway me.

If you were stranded on a desert island and you could only pick one series to accompany you, what would it be?

I will definitely bring the Harry Potter series with me (though it would be quite heavy!) because MAGIC!


When you write a book review, do you use spoilers or not and why?

I try so hard to not drop any spoilers. Usually, my reviews are mainly feelings and thoughts but not so much on the plot. I would hate myself if I were to spoil the story or reading experience of another reader. Also, it would feel like a waste of the author’s efforts in weaving a good story if someone will just spoil it for readers. One word: RESPECT.

If you could ainstaSquaresk the author of one book or series to write a sequel, what would it be?

I would probably ask Colleen Hoover to do a sequel for November 9, not that it felt incomplete or hanging but I kind of want to have a feel of what happened afterwards. And yes I really am nosey! The relationship of the main characters in that story was rooted in a difficult history, painful truths and a road to forgiveness. Maybe a novella will do. Or just a peek.

Have you ever met any famous authors and if you haven’t, who would you like to meet and what would you ask them?

I have met Tarryn Fisher, Colleen Hoover and Christine Brae last year then Victoria Aveyard earlier this year. It was amazing meeting these people who has created characters who impacted me greatly. I was able to ask Tarryn something about her Love Me With Lies series and she was really gracious, sweet and took time to speak with everyone (not to mention that she’s even more gorgeous in real life).




1. Name a book character who truly agitated you and almost drove you to the point of jumping inside the story and personally strangling him/her
2. If you can live in a book story for a day, where will you go and why?
3. Name your go-to authors and the reason why.
4. Reading VS Eating VS Music: Can you do all three simultaneously or do you find it hard to concentrate on one while doing the others at the same time?
5. Thank an author or a story which influenced you or helped you at some point in your life.


1. Victoria of ESCAPE INTO PAGES
2. Vrushali of VRUSHALI21

Thanks again POPPY for the book nomination. I truly enjoyed reading your answers and answering your questions as well. This is a fun award. 🙂 I truly enjoyed it!

Looking forward to reading your answers soon 🙂Blog signature



    • Thanks dear! 🙂 You should bump it up on your TBR list (but I understand how difficult it is to go through our TBRs. LOL) Yes, I was there. I haven’t met anyone yet, maybe next book signing? 🙂


  1. Thank you so much for the tag! I’m sorry I took forever. I haven’t been here since last month due to finals and an internship. I’ll do this soon – hopefully tomorrow 🙂 By the way, I 100% agree about Never Never part 3! What a huge letdown and I adore those two authors!

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