reading wrap up

As you all know, I have a habit of delaying things and tasks so my January reading wrap up became a Jan-Feb Duo wrap up and now you know that that didn’t happen too. So here is my reading wrap up for the first quarter of 2016.

Some of these were reviewed, others weren’t.

Wrap Up for January

I started the year with a bang diving into Tarryn’s F*ck Love as the year opened. I have also read “new to me” authors for January such as Leylah and Melanie. After experiencing an emotional Bright Side hangover last year, I opted to delay reading Gus until this year.

Here are some of the reviews I did for my January reads:

F*ck Love | Red Queen | Queen Song | Gus | Heartless Episodes 1-3 | The Mistake 

The Score | Never Never 1 | Never Never 2 | Never Never 3 | 53 Letters for My Lover 

Some Sort of Happy | Some Sort of Crazy

Wrap Up for February

My February list is a combination of new and old releases. Finally, I have read and finished Forbidden (I was really scared of this book but I’m glad I read it.), finished the Cocktail series (I miss their gang so much!) and read my firsts from Penelope Ward, SC Stephens and Mia Sheridan. I have also met Joe who is beautifully crazy and I have nothing but praises for KA’s latest release. February was also the month that I have received my first ever ARC from Melanie.

Here are some of the reviews I did for my February reads:

Some Sort of Love | He Will be My Ruin | You | Forbidden

RoomHate | Thoughtless | Leo

Wrap Up for MarchYou might have noticed that my list kept getting shorter from January to March. You might even ask what happened. Did I lose my momentum? Did something kept me from reading? Honestly, I have no idea. It felt like I was on a roll last January then slowed down by February. Anyway, March was composed of three ARCs, new releases and one highly recommended read (which I am yet to review but still torn about it because I am a minority when it comes to TSOT).

Here are some of the reviews I did for my March reads:

Midnight Lily Love, Chloe | Elastic Hearts

A Thousand Boy Kisses | Collared | Roots and Wings

I’m still working on my review for Kim Holden’s So Much More which was spectacularly flawless. I’ll have to post that at a later time though.

There you have it, my FIRST QUARTER in a nutshell.

Most of these are 3-5 star reads. Needless to say, the ones I’ve read this quarter range from “That’s good” to “Oohh la la! Perfection!”.


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