Some Sort of Happy by Melanie Harlow

“And loving someone doesn’t mean you have to love everything they do. But it does mean you forgive them a little more often, a little more easily.”

Some Sort of Happy

Nowadays, there’s an abundance of characters who are flawed to the point of exaggeration or the superbly perfect ones who we can easily tag as unreal. This is NOT the case with Skylar and Sebastian. They are beautiful, flawed, struggling and in love.

“All I could think was taking her inside me, caging her within my bones, enclosing her within my ragged, imperfect puzzle of a heart”

I found this book easy to read because everything just flows smoothly. I didn’t feel the need to take a breather or felt like I was being dragged in the story. Because the thing is, the story took me in and brought me to Sky and Sebastian. Skylar’s uncertainty with life makes her relatable to most of us. She’s been dealt with life situations familiar to people within her age bracket but despite what she’s been through, she has not lost her spunk and humor. She’s unsure, undecided and feeling lost but she was determined to put her game face on and see what life can offer her. On the other hand, there’s Sebastian. Flawed and sweet Sebastian. Hot and mysterious Sebastian. He has OCD which he dealt with since childhood. Life hasn’t been easy for him. There’s been a lot of bad cards thrown his way but like everybody else, he also deserves a chance at life and love. Skylar and Sebastian’s love is something that is pure and honest; generous and forgiving. They are so different but their differences only brought them to each other.

“Apologize…For breaking me down…The only thing I can do is make you mine.”

To be honest, I haven’t read anything from Melanie Harlow before and being a “newbie” to her writing is exciting since I do not know what to expect. Oh man, she did gain a new reader in me. Her writing style is light and easy to read. She made it so easy for me to connect with her characters which is vital to a reader. This story is light, sweet and fun to read without making the storyline suffer. She injected bits and pieces of everything to keep a reader hooked; enough humor and wit to make up for a nice banter and at the same time enough baggage, romance and love to keep your heart chained to the story.

If you want to read something that’s not farfetched, with characters you can definitely relate to in terms of struggles and flaws and embracing diversity, if you want to laugh and fall in love – then please DO get this. I am definitely jumping on to the next one because this book just left me feeling all sorts of happy.

Blurb via Goodreads:

I almost didn’t believe it was him.

In high school, Sebastian Pryce had been an aloof outsider who kept to himself. But now, ten years, later he’s back and unusually attractive. With muscle in all the right places and hands that know exactly what they’re doing, Sebastian is everything I didn’t know I needed. And while he isn’t exactly friendly, he has a magnetism that draws me in.

He pulls away, afraid he’ll break me.

Until the night I demanded more—and he gave it. (Hard and deep. Twice.)

Were we just two lost, lonely people seeking solace?

Or could a disgraced reality TV star and a flawed, frustrating man actually find some sort of happy together?


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