Puddle Jumping by Amber Johnson

“It begins with a boy and it ends with a boy, but what story doesn’t?”


I have learned about this novel from Goodreads, found the synopsis interesting and new and finished it a few months back. I have never read anything by Amber before so I decided to give it a try. What I didn’t expect was for me to feel strong waves of emotions from this considerably short novel. How she crammed a lot of intensity in very few pages amazes me. Goes to show that it does not take a very long novel to make someone feel, just the right story and characters will be enough to tug at people’s heartstrings.

Puddle Jumping is a story about childhood friends, Colton and Lilly who first met when Lilly babysat for Colton. After years of being apart due to Lilly’s accident prone nature, their lives and paths crossed once more when Colton transferred to Lilly’s high school. It is a remarkable feeling ~ reading and living with them and sharing how they transitioned from friendship to love. This is not an ordinary love story because Colton is not like any other love interest. He was diagnosed with Asperger’s syndrome and this story highlights the real meaning of love, patience and sacrifice.

Wikipedia:Asperger syndrome (AS), also known as Asperger’s syndromeAsperger disorder (AD) or simply Asperger’s, is an autism spectrum disorder (ASD) that is characterized by significant difficulties in social interaction and nonverbal communication, alongside restricted and repetitive patterns of behavior and interests.

Lilly and Colton are highly endearing characters. The story does not present big plots and twists but it screams reality and life. It is a beautiful and touching story of friendship, family and life. This story narrates the struggles and joys of young love; how one can sacrifice and compromise for another and what it means to face the odds together. I cannot wrap my head around the simplicity and beauty of this story, one really has to dive through the pages to know what I am talking about.

Sharing some of my favorite quotes from the book:

“I don’t believe there’s such a thing as conventional love. Love is bending. Love is breaking. Love is constantly learning about the other person until you go crazy because it will never be perfect, but there’s no fault in trying. I’ve loved a boy who was extraordinary beyond words, in my eyes.” 

“I think sometimes we’re presented with the truth but we don’t want to believe it. We see things the way we want to see them. Sometimes, we choose to live in denial.” 

“With a small sigh he squeezed my hand tighter. “I wish you were like me.” 

“Talking with you would be much more enjoyable than talking with Talia, Lilly.” His eyes scanned the floor by my feet. “She’s paint by number; you’re a watercolor.” 

“You’re my quiet, Lilly.” 

“Life is meant to be lived, and if you’re offered the chance to experience things with an extraordinary person, then there isn’t one reason in the world to say no.”

“Society has pretty much taught us that it’s inside the lines, or outside. But there’s so much more in between.” 

This story has enough drama but nothing too extreme. There are conflicts but everything fell into place in the end. It was emotional, simple and genuine. I had tears when I finished this book because it will surely leave you with a warm feeling as it conveys equality and love; acceptance and loyalty.


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