Spotlight: Tarryn Fisher


IMG_20150913_141443When I read Mud Vein, I didn’t know how to react and how to feel because that book really did a number on me. I was annoyed, curious, shocked and bewildered! While the writing was superb and powerfully crafted, it left me feeling cold, confused and angry. My mind was just blowing off with all these questions and I was emotionally tormented. And so I decided to try the Love Me With Lies trilogy and I just felt another strong surge of emotions with the flawed story of Caleb and Olivia! I fell in love with the imperfection, the angst and the pain; I lived with their sorrows and regret. Nothing says “emotional torment” louder than Olivia and Caleb’s story. It was heart-breaking, captivating and the all-too-real emotions just reel you in. I’m hurting but I just can’t stop reading, I was devastated but I was asking for more.

After reading the LMWL trilogy, I thought I already had my heart all steeled up so I braved to do a Mud Vein re-read, thinking that I was more emotionally capable and stronger but boy, was I wrong! The more that I do a re-read, the more questions I ask myself. It seems like her novels are not only the self discovery of the characters but of the readers as well. I may be very well finished reading her works, but during those times that I am alone, the stories will quietly, discreetly make its way back into the recesses of my mind, making me go over the stories backwards and forwards again. That’s how powerful Tarryn’s words have become.

“I’d rather be hated for having an opinion than overlooked for not having one.”
– Tarryn Fisher

She quickly became one of the authors I totally  trust and distrust. I trust her to make me go crazy, to make me think, to agree or disagree with her notions, accept the unacceptable and to think outside the box. It’s a mind game and Tarryn is the ultimate tease! On the other hand, I distrust her to be traditional and safe and romantic because Tarryn is anything but ordinary.

“I am a writer and words are my weapon. I want to hurt you. I want my words to be salt, and I want to pour them into your open wound. I want my words to be jagged pieces of mirror that you can see yourself reflected in. I am a sadist otherwise known as an artist.”
– Tarryn Fisher

I’ve usually read more or less the same genre and Tarryn was a breath of fresh air; polluted and dark as it may be, it was a welcoming change all the same. I do not know what she has been through in this lifetime but for her to stitch words and feel like she’s literally crushing your heart and windpipe is beyond amazing. This woman is phenomenal and definitely one of a kind.

PicsArt_1442195036901 I believe that Tarryn’s writing style is not for everyone. One’s mind has to be open to accept the hard truths and realities that her novels tackle. She’s not afraid to explore the ugly, the mad, the sad and the dark. She is real and sometimes the real can be the painful too.

Meeting Tarryn and seeing the crazy, sweet and beautiful person that she is really made me go gaga! Instagram didn’t bring justice the beauty that is Tarryn Fisher. She is bubbly and down-to-earth, appreciative and witty. She took time to talk to everyone and was never hesitant in giving out a lot of hugs.

I’m still wary about creating reviews for all of her books for fear that I might not do them justice but for those asking about Tarryn, here are her books, it’s never too late to dive into a piece of her mind:

The Opportunist
Dirty Red


Mud Vein
Never Never 1 – co-authored with Colleen
Never Never 2 – co-authored with Colleen
Never Never 3 – TBR Jan 2016
F*** Love – TBR Fall 2015

MV marrow


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  1. Te! Love it! I’ll be following this blog. Hoping to see more book reviews, recommendations and spotlight! Colleen hoover next? 😊 Great job te!! I’m happy for you. Hugs!!!

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